Istanbul Subways

The first subway panel featuring İznik patterns was installed at Atatürk Airport subway, Ataköy station across the turnstiles.

Tile panels of high art value were produced for all Istanbul subway stations starting from the Taksim - 4. Levent line. The patterns were designed separately for each station, inspired by the region's history and Taksim exit features miniature tile panels depicting the conquest of Istanbul to provide passengers with historical information. One of those describes the entry of Mehmed the Conqueror to the city on a white horse.

Other station panels also remind us of their past; Osmanbey station panel features miniatures depicting the Sultans' hunting lodge during the Ottoman period. Those in Gayrettepe and Levent features galleons, levents, and Şişhane station features Galata Tower and the depiction of old Golden Horn.

At Hacı Osman Station which offers access to the Faculty of Forestry among other locations, the panels depicting fig trees were installed on one side and olive trees on the other on the platform floor while panels created with classic tile patterns were installed on the risers of the steps.

For Kadıköy station on Kartal-Kadıköy line, a Kadıköy waterway map and subway line map were designed; on the Kadıköy center exit, Ottoman sea vessels inspired by Göke Galleon were designed and applied.

At Küçükyalı Station, four panels were designed with Çatalhöyük-Hittite-Seljuk and Ottoman patterns.