İznik Foundation

Tile art, a dance between fire and materials of clay and quartz… İznik Foundation for Training and Education addresses tile art as a cultural heritage accumulated in centuries and works with the mission to enable a unique, all-around development journey from the arts to the economy.

Just as the tile art owes its durability, vibrant colors and depth to the density of quartz, it owes being accessible all around the world today in original prescription and excellent quality after 400 years to the mastery and patriotic hard work of İznik Foundation.

Established in 1993 under the leadership of Prof. Dr Işıl Akbaygil, İznik Foundation for Training and Education aims to promote İznik Tiles as well as cultural and artistic values of İznik which retains the world history in its memory. The Foundation also works to systematically address, develop and transfer the information available on İznik tile art and any new information to be acquired to new generations. Accordingly, the Foundation has been creating large projects since day one and supports and brings light on İznik tile art, training, and promotion, just like the light that the quartz brings to the tiles.

İznik Foundation's Research Center and Tile-Ceramics Enterprise have revived the classical İznik tiles that lived its splendor in the 16th and 17th centuries. In line with this vision, İznik Foundation’s approach also focuses on promoting the historical authenticity of İznik tile-making, and developing it further while preserving its universal character. The works performed in the R&D laboratories established at İznik Tile Workshops have allowed the Foundation to adapt İznik tiles to today's technology while preserving their authenticity and ensured they also kept their quality as an art form.

İznik Foundation management adopts a holistic approach to include regional, cultural and economic development in their work. Accordingly, it supplies the raw materials for tile production from İznik and its surroundings. The production is carried out at workshops in İznik, the patterns are prepared at the design department in Istanbul by artists trained specifically for this job and demands for special orders are met by appointing architects, interior designers and designers for a specific project. The products are offered for sale at the showroom in Istanbul.

İznik tiles which are entirely hand-made in the authenticity of the 16th century, blend the motifs of the past and traditional art concept with the 21st century technology, thus attributing new values to İznik Tile art.

The Foundation has completed the tile work for more than 50 monuments worldwide and continues to preserve the ancient colors and patterns of İznik tiles as well as their healing spirit achieved with quartz composition, offering them to humanity after a break of four centuries.