İznik Foundation Design Shop

The magical world of İznik Tiles opens its doors

Reviving İznik tiles, the symbol of the Turkish handcraft and working to remind the world of this value through modern designs and applications, İznik Foundation for Research and Education is renovating its design center in Istanbul as a venue to exhibit different works and applications.

As our esteemed novelist Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar said, “We have such a history that it’s impossible to cover our ears to it when it begins to speak from its true essence”... Today, İznik Foundation lends ears to tiles, the signature art of this beloved country, and brings back the quality and the taste of the past by combining the complete hand craftsmanship just like 400 years ago with technology at its workshops in İznik.

Tile patterns and designs are created at the Foundation's design office in Istanbul. After the renovation, the design office in Etiler, Istanbul will turn into a venue where classic and modern patterns are exhibited. The Design Shop designed by Architect Alper Derinboğaz will offer for sale the tile products in modern designs for daily use. On the upper floor of the two-story venue, classic and new generation tile applications will be displayed. The renovated lower floor will continue hosting design works.

İznik Foundation for Education and Research brings back the tile art which ended in the 17th century, by incorporating new technologies into the traditional method, materials and quality. The Foundation continues to globally promote the tile art which has become a symbol of the Turkish-Islamic culture with modern designs and different applications in addition to classic motifs.